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Public Safety

Did you know? 

More than half of our fire stations and our public works operations center—which house essential services and equipment for first responders—would not withstand a moderate earthquake.


Projects include:


Replacing Fire Stations 3 and 6 to improve response times and preparedness and resilience for first responders


Renovating/seismically upgrading: Sifton Fire Station 4, Vancouver Fire Headquarters Station 5 and Cascade Park Station 8  


Replacing the Public Works Operations Center to improve preparedness and operational efficiency 


Implementing a new fire sprinkler program to reduce loss of life and property from residential fires


The addition of four, two-person paramedic staffed Rapid Response Rescue Units to reduce response times and increase cost effectiveness of emergency medical response


Implementing a fire prevention program, including public outreach and education, to reduce the incidence of residential fires, loss of life and property

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