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Proposed Programs and Services

Update (Oct. 2020): A Stronger Vancouver initiative was placed on hold in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The City Manager's Recommended 2021-22 Budget includes revisiting the initiative in 2021. It is anticipated that City Council will begin discussions about a path forward in early 2021.

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Implementing business district plans for Fourth Plain, The Heights, and Section 30 and developing district plans for the 192nd corridor, the Vancouver Mall area, and the Upper Main section of downtown  
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A citywide traffic safety program in order to improve transportation safety and accessibility throughout the city 
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A citywide pedestrian and bike infrastructure improvement program to help increase the number of residents using transportation alternatives
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The addition of four, two-person paramedic staffed Rapid Response Rescue Units to reduce response times and increase cost effectiveness of emergency medical response
Project Home Safe Fire Corps Volunteers
A fire prevention program, including public outreach and education, to reduce the incidence of residential fires,loss of life and property
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A fire sprinkler program to reduce loss of life and property from residential fires
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A new Homeless Assistance Resource Team and funding support for the clean-up program and day and overnight homeless facilities

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A downtown business improvement district to address the unique needs of the downtown area, such as enhanced security, clean-up and beautification programs

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An expanded special events program in order to provide a more frequent and diverse array of community events

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An expanded Neighborhoods Program, including reinstate the neighborhood grant program, to increase engagement with residents and support of neighborhood associations

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A citywide Cultural, Arts & Heritage Program that includes a public art program and support for arts and cultural organizations

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A multi-lingual outreach program to increase engagement with under-served and under-represented communities

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Parks & Recreation program fee reductions that would allow more participants from low-income households

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Funding for new parks maintenance

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An expanded Summer Playground Program to more equitably serve youth across the city: more locations, expanded hours and the addition of a breakfast meal service

Rapid Response Rescue Units

Rapid Response Rescue Units