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Parks & Recreation

Many of the city's parks are in need of renovations to improve appearance, usability and safety.

Did you know? 


  • 25 percent of our city's neighborhood parks are undeveloped, which means areas of the city do not have a park

  • We have less than half the median parks acreage, half the park maintenance staff, serve twice the number of people at our community centers compared to cities of similar size

Projects include:


Parks & Recreation program fee reductions that would allow more participants from low-income households 


Expanding the Summer Playground Program to more equitably serve youth across the city: more locations, expanded hours and the addition of a breakfast meal service


Redesigning and rebuilding Marine Park and Bagley Park to improve picnic, play and interactive space and enable these parks to host community events


Adding three new dog parks to David Douglas, Marine and Fenton Parks. (These sites have not been designed yet, and the planning process will include citizen input on amenities! )


Building nine new neighborhood parks to increase provide parks in areas of the city where they currently do not exist  


Improving 14 parks across the city by replacing playground equipment and upgrading park  features, such as tables, benches, paths and signage


Expanding the community special events program in order to provide a more frequent and diverse array of community events


Funding support for new parks maintenance

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